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About us

First of all: We're in love with take-away!
But in a world where traditions are getting lost and take-away has been infused with industrialized and pre-processed food, we want to recreate everything from the bottom up. That means hiring skilled chefs. It means that all batters, dressings and mayos are made from scratch. And it means that all buns, rolls, burgers and hot dogs are made in close collaboration with carefully selected specialists.

But anyway… Maybe you wonder what's up with the super heroes? They kind of are from another dimension, you see. But a portal in Toftes Gate (Our pick-up point!), gives you access to their food. This is their story:
In the not-so-distant future. Nam Lamron has become the newly elected prime minister in Northland. In a campaign that ran under the title «United in harmony», he used fear of all things different to win the election by a landslide. Quickly, new rules are implied in the country. Students and workers are put into uniforms. Libraries and social media are being shut down. Words are removed from the thesaurus. Thinkers say the same. Musicians play the same. Chefs cook the same.

What is still unknown, is that Lamron has higher ambitions than to be prime minister. His mission is to create a 100% pure, frictionless, and sterile world. And in doing so: Be able to control everything.

Lamrons evil plan is to collect and store all of the seven deadly sins that lives inside everyone one of us. Even though they are dangerous in excessive quantities, the seven deadly sins are not necessarily a bad thing. Portioned out correctly, they are what drives us forward and makes us able to come up with new ideas. Combined with our virtues, they are what makes the world a better place. But without the sins inside of us, our virtues will take all control and bore millions to death.

Not everyone is bowing down to Lamrons regime, though. An illegal group of chefs called the Ghostbastards are putting up a fight. By combining extremely potent ingredients with Deadly Sins reclaimed from Lamrons storage facilities, they are creating dishes that not only taste sensationally good, but also reinvigorates the ones who consume them with creativity and self-belief. Operating from secret kitchens they are distributing their food around the country whilst hiding from the N.O.R.M. (Neutralization of Rebellious Mindsets).

This is the story of the Ghostbastards.
Taste our food. Join the rebellion. Fight normality.

And if you wonder who is responsible for letting the Ghostbastards loose?
That's Marcus, Karsten, Lars and David. Everyone with vast experience from the Oslo food scene, wanting to create something really new and unique.

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